By Ashley Osborne | Head of UK Residential & Managing Director – International Properties


In the realm of residential property investment, there is never any shortage of resources, ranging from news and tips to in-depth courses for investors. Whether you are new to real estate investing or have had years of experience, the changing market requires you to always stay up to date in order to reap the returns you seek.

In our pursuit to support you in your property investment journey, Colliers Residential has evaluated the many resources available online on their accuracy, reliability and legitimacy to reveal our top resources.

1. Property investment calculator

  • This fantastic tool is one of the best resources in residential real estate investment. Simply input the figures of your investment, the calculator generates a cash flow statement for different possible outcomes over 5 years. This will give you a clear idea of the projected cash flow of your property investment.

2. Podcasts

  • The Real Estate Coaching Radio – Created by award-winning real estate coaches, this podcast is a thorough resource for investors, which features extensive information on property investment strategies and tips on achieving high returns from your investment.
  • Epic Real Estate Investing podcasts aim to encourage you to explore both conventional and creative strategies for property investing. The lessons are taught by Matt Theriault, a real estate investor, entrepreneur and author, who gives great advice on complicated ventures in residential investment.

3. Online Courses for Property Investment

  • The course by BiggerPockets is a free beginner’s introduction to real estate investing. Once you create a login, you will have access to all the courses. Whether you are taking your first steps in residential property investment or managing your portfolio, these lessons will teach you the basics you should always keep in mind.
  • Real Estate Finance and Investment by MIT’s Open Courseware are open notes taken from lessons at the prestigious MIT, which provide an academic approach towards understanding the intricacies of residential investment via comprehensive guidelines.

4. Real Estate Encyclopedia

  • Investopedia is a rich source of investment and financial knowledge. While not a course in itself, its glossary provides a list of well-explained key real estate terms, ideal for investors to refer to.

5. Market News & Industry Reports

  • Bloomberg View feature experts in the property market around the world, who provide their own opinions and predictions on how the financial markets will affect your real estate investments.
  • MarketWatch provides comprehensive coverage of the real estate investment market, spanning topics from mortgage advice to the best retirement investments.
  • Property Week shares highlights and in-depth reports of the UK real estate market, including projections on up and coming suburbs, an asset for those who own or are looking to invest in residential property in the UK.
  • Quarterly reports on global property markets and industry news from the experts. Colliers International’s residential real estate investment insights provide timely and relevant resources that take into account market changes and forecasts.

Those new to residential property investment can refer to our article, Property Investment Tips for Beginners, or for tailored advice specific to your investment goals and needs, get in touch with one of our consultants.